Our Philosphy

At Cosmetic Solutions our philosophy is that knowledge is power. Once our clients have informed us of the area’s they want treated, we provide them with a thorough consultation before we begin any treatments. This empowers them with knowledge and also helps to put any concerns to rest, while also giving them realistic expectations of the end result.

A thorough consultation also means that we’re able to tailor our services to suit your individual needs. However on the chance we don’t offer the services best suited to their needs we will happily recommend elsewhere that does. The first consultation is free, because your health, well being and happiness are of the utmost importance tous.

Meet Dianna

Dianna was working for Allergan the creators of Botox and Juvederm. Now after having acquired a profound amount of knowledge and experience in her careers, Dianna created Cosmetic Solutions. Dianna provide New Zealanders with some of the most up to date non-surgical procedures in the appearance medicine industry.

Dianna has worked in the cosmetic industry for close to 15 years, throughout both New Zealand and Australia. She started her career in Dermatology, and combined skin studies with intense pulsed light and lasers. Dianna then worked with Allergan, the makers of BOTOX and JUVEDERM. This was a great place to learn injecting techniques from some of the best injectors globally, right at the source, and she spent over 6 years with this prestigious company.

Dianna Morgan is a Registered Nurse with over 25 years experience as a health care professional.

Training was an important part of her work and Dianna became an advisor for Allergan, training Doctors and Nurses in the art of injecting BOTOX and Dermal fillers. Dianna has also been involved with MasterClass training sessions with world renowned Plastic Surgeons, and now she brings her incredible skills and experiences to work with us! Her most recent achievement was being first in New Zealand to complete a course at the prestigious Esteem Institute of Cosmetic Appearance in the Gold Coast, Australia.

Dianna is passionate about obtaining natural, undetectable results and dedicated to offering the very best service and outcomes for her clients.

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