Dermal Fillers are essentially sugar. They are a processed version of the naturally occurring Hyaluronic Acid (HA) that is found throughout our tissues and body fluids. In its naturally-occurring state, Hyaluronic Acid will last around 24-48 hours, so our bodies are constantly producing it. In youth, we produce an abundance of HA. As we age, our natural ability to produce HA is diminished which contributes to loss of tissue volume and hydration, reducing skin quality and we appear ‘aged’. By replenishing and replacing the HA using dermal fillers, we are able to rejuvenate our skin and recapture the abundance we had in our youth.

Dermal fillers are a ‘refined’ HA that is bonded and structurally altered to prevent the body from breaking it down and absorbing it as rapidly as it does with naturally occurring HA. This process ‘hardens’ the HA to form a gel. The more bonded the HA, the ‘harder’ the product. The harder the product, the longer it lasts.

Each range of Dermal Fillers has products that are bonded to different degrees of ‘hardness’. Each product will produce different results and given the breadth of choice now available in this market, practitioners are able to choose the best product to address the area and concern they are facing. This means we can achieve a lot with Dermal Fillers and these safe (and reversible) products have now come to replace many plastic surgery procedures we would have had to perform years ago.

The key to ‘good’ Dermal filling, is to choose the appropriate product for the concern and administer it according to the individual anatomy presented by the patient. Dermal filling is very much an artistic skill.

The practitioner’s eye for symmetry and beauty is fundamentally important. There is also a considerable level of skill and anatomy knowledge required to deliver dermal filler. Dianna has completed Advanced Facial Anatomy qualifications and regularly attends workshops and courses to ensure her knowledge remains up-to-date and to the highest standards. The incredible retention rate she enjoys is testament to her artistic ability.