Ageing happens to us all. Yet we are all unique. One of the tests often performed at Cosmetic Solutions consultations is to look at the face in thirds – the upper face being from the centre of the eyes and up, the lower face being from the tip of the nose down and the mid-face, the area in between.

By looking at the face in thirds (IE covering up the other sections and looking at just one of the thirds) it becomes apparent quickly where the ageing process is affecting the individual most. Try it yourself. Take a piece of paper and cover two thirds of your face. Look at the skin texture, the amount of wrinkles, the general appearance.

Then move to each of the other thirds and perform the same assessment. Most likely, there’ll be one third in particular that appears ‘older’ than the others. A skilled Cosmetic Medicine professional will likely perform this test (not necessarily holding up the piece of paper though!) when undertaking a consultation and make their treatment recommendations according to the area that ‘appears’ oldest.

You put your investment where it’s going to have the best results. Using dermal filler, botulinum injections (Botox® or Dysport®) and other treatments in the area that shows the most ‘signs’ of ageing is a smart strategy to get the most ‘bang for your buck’. Dianna will discuss this with you at your consultation.