Neck lift or Neck rejuvenation is often one of the most under-treated areas when undergoing age-defying rejuvenation procedures. Often, the greatest investment is in the face and the tell-tale giveaway is usually the neck region. Considering the neck region is such a challenging area to treat and everyone is different, to get the best results usually required a combination treatment approach. Treatments may include dermal needling, dermal fillers, laser or light therapy or skin boosting.

Neck lift is very successful and can effectively defy the appearance of your years! Talk to Dianna when booking in about how to address this vital treatment area – don’t forget to include a neck rejuvenation into your anti-ageing regimen. As with anything, prevention is better than trying to ‘cure’ once the damage is done. Including regular investment in your neck region early on will yield incredible long-term results.