Ageing happens to everyone. There’s just no hiding from it. There is however, very effective ways of slowing or even pausing the ageing process. Ageing occurs at 4 main levels – skin, muscle, fat and bone.


Bone deteriorates as we get older and our ability to regenerate bone tissues is diminishing (osteoporosis). The structural changes in our bones cause the tissues above to move and this alters our physical appearance.


As we age, our production of Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Elastin and diminish. This causes our skin to thin and become more frail – producing a dry and weathered appearance. Replenishing HA, Collagen and Elastin, stimulating the production of them will also assist in reducing the appearance of ageing.


Muscle tone and definition depletes over time. This can impact the elastic nature of the structures around and above the muscle and contributes to the ‘sagging’ affect of ageing. Muscle contraction over time also contributes/causes wrinkles and folds in our face. These contribute to the appearance of ageing.


Fat is probably the biggest contributor to the ageing process. Within our facial anatomy are several fat pads which give us our facial features. In our youth these fat pads are full and well supported, sitting exactly where they should be. As we age, they become depleted and descend within our anatomy. This is really what gives us the tell-tale signs of ageing including hollowing/dark eyes, deep folds around our nose and mouth and sagging jowls on our jawline.

As you can see, all these factors combine to tell a pretty sad tale. By treating only one of the 4 areas (typically people rely on treating just the skin), you really aren’t accessing the full spectrum of anti-ageing defences available. By having a more comprehensive anti-ageing plan that looks at how each of the 4 factors above are contributing to your individual anatomy and ageing process, you are much better able to slow or even halt the ageing process. Modern products such as botulinum and dermal filler injections tackle the ageing process under the surface giving incredible results. This is why many previously common plastic surgeries (like facelifts) are not being performed until much later in life.

Remember, early intervention (or Prevention) is key, the sooner you start, the better your long-term outcome. Talk to Dianna and Kirsty at your appointment about a complete anti-ageing plan tailored especially to you.