Dark circles under the eyes are a common and very difficult area to treat. For people who suffer from dark circles (which is virtually all of us at some point, given they are an inevitable sign of ageing), they can negatively affect self-confidence and be very disconcerting. They are also another tell-tale sign of ageing and can even prematurely age us. Dark circles under the eyes is also a very difficult area to improve and treatments are limited in what they can deliver. The dark circles are the result of a prominent ocular ligament. This ligament attaches to the skin near the corner of the eye and there is very little that can be done to effectively treat it. However, small and carefully placed amounts of dermal filler can certainly improve the appearance of and brighten eyes. By adding a small amount of volume to the ‘tear trough’ area, the appearance of dark circles can be reduced. Its a delicate procedure and requires a highly skilled and trained medical professional to perform. Dianna and Kirsty is highly experienced at treating these delicate areas and has an advanced understanding of facial anatomy required to completely understand and perform this treatment. It is however, important that you remain realistic about the type of results you can expect and talk to Dianna and Kirsty about this in your consultation.