Facial rejuvenation is all about anti-ageing. It’s looking at the complete face and finding the treatments that are going to reverse or delay the signs of ageing for you. In recent times, many procedures which used to occupy the realm of the plastic surgeon, are now available using dermal fillers and botulinum injections with outstanding results. Best of all, these treatments are inexpensive (by comparison to surgery), completely safe, completely reversible and can be done in your lunch hour! Dianna and Kirsty has an advanced understanding of facial anatomy and is very highly trained in the most advanced facial rejuvenation techniques that can help produce an overall more youthful appearance for you. Dianna and Kirsty’s goal is to deliver a very natural looking result that simply delays the onset of ageing (in the younger patient) or actually reverses the damage of ageing in the more mature patient. Book in for a total face consultation with Dianna and Kirsty to discuss how a comprehensive facial rejuvenation approach can give you incredible results.

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