Things in our generation are so changed from the last. We are under new age pressures that our Mums did not face. And we have advanced anti ageing facial treatments available to us that our parents would not have dreamed of!


Within the working lifetime of a woman aged fifty this year, the working world has transformed. Email, internet, Social Media – while commonplace, all are relatively new, and all bringing a plethora of information and communication that was not even conceptualised half a lifetime ago. In fact, it’s true to say we had Botox in our lives well before we had the Internet!


The electronic age has brought us daily images of Rock Stars Royalty & A-List Movie stars via E-Mags, Facebook & Instagram – setting high expectations that we all but defy chronological ageing, and it’s not all airbrushing and personal trainers. Enormous developments in the arena of Beauty Science have brought to light truly incredible progress and anti-ageing treatments such as Dermal Fillers have become not just become common place, they have evolved into ranges of branded products for specific purposes.


Today our goal is to chat through those in quite broad terms to offer an understanding of how Dermal Fillers are offered as a range of different treatments for specific outcomes, and place perspective on the new SkinBooster range now on offer.


Firstly, all Dermal Fillers are all made of Hyaluronic Acid – a naturally occurring substance in human skin.


Hyaluronic Acid makes it possible for our skin to retain hydration. As we age, lesser quantities are produced, until around the age of 40 – by which stage almost none is produced. Hence dehydration becomes more of a prominent issue around this age, and deeper lines begin to set in.


Enter – Dermal Fillers. There are three main brands of Dermal Filler available – Juvederm, Restylane and Emervel. Each has its own sub range of products in varying degrees of solidity/liquidity.


The firmest version is used to restructure the mid section of the face. The Dermal Filler is used to restore integrity of cheek volume – an amazing treatment that takes years off a face – recommended for those whose cheeks have sunken over the years, giving a hollow look under the eye. As this version of the Dermal Filler is the most structured and the thickest, so also does the treatment last relatively longer.


The next and most common use of Dermal Fillers is for reshaping lips. Emervel produce a Dermal Filler specifically created for the lip zone. Lips are often filled in a two stage process, as the injection itself can cause some slight swelling – we need to make very sure we do not overfill. Lip Filling is very popular across a number of age groups for a number of different and personal reasons (including some very young people), but is most common for those in their 40s where already fine lips have become very thin and start to look prim. The difference is immense and it’s very satisfying as a procedure!


Next most common is Dermal Fillers for reduction of deeper lines – the ones running from the nose to mouth for example. This is a thicker substance than that used for lips, but not as thick as that required for facial reshaping. Here we are simply filling the line to plump it up to a neutral position.


It’s such an amazing outcome for the client!

This month we are exciting to be introducing a new form of Dermal Filler – understanding the above is key to understanding this new procedure. This application is to replace lost hyaluronic acid in the underlying dermal layers – almost like re-fitting a mattress, and is the lightest or most fluid application of all the blends – for the simple reason that its intention is to sit under and boost hydration levels for most of your face. Your skin responds with a renewed energy and a renewed glow – as hyaluronic acid also functions as an antioxidant – helping with cellular repair and reduction of damage. This procedure not only reverses fine lines, it also boosts the complexion significantly.


Unlike the other Dermal Fillers, this procedure requires three sessions around 3 – 4 weeks apart to build the levels to a point where they will remain sustained for a significant period – we recommend re-treatment at six-monthly intervals following the first series of three treatments.


This means that your other facials can now be solely focused on repair, rebuild and exfoliation at whatever interval you require.


So – onward in pursuit of the treatments that really succeed in making us look younger than our chronological age, without causing us to look manufactured. Please ask questions, either as a post below via Facebook Message  or via the contact form below – we will be only too happy to reply!


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