What’s the Redensity Treatment?
The Redensity Treatment works by injecting vitamins, minerals and Hyaluronic Acid into your skin. These chemicals are already naturally present in our bodies and are what help our skin to stay radiant, plump and youthful. However as we age we lose these good nutrients, resulting in visible signs of ageing. So when you get a Redensity Treatment you’re essentially injecting all those nutrients your skin needs back in, which helps to smooth, plump and hydrate your skin while also helping to reduce fine lines and pigmentation.

How does it work?
The nutrients that are injected into your skin are administered by a V2 injector (similarly shaped to a gun) which has five needles. The injector applies a light suction to the skin and then injects very small quantities of Redensity [I] from the five needles into the subdermal layer of your skin, before releasing it. The suction helps to create a more comfortable experience for the client and also increases the accuracy of depth delivery, ensuring quality results.

Does it hurt?
For some the procedure can be uncomfortable, however numbing cream is applied to the area that is being treated prior to the treatment, and once the session begins you’ll notice the needles work quickly. Your comfort is of the utmost importance us here at Cosmetic Solutions, so if at any given time you want a break we will give it to you.

The Results
For the first 12 hours you will have little bumps where the treatment has been injected, after this your skin will go back to it’s normal, but smoother and plumper. After a few sessions you will notice a difference in the appearance and overall health of your skin. Want to know more about the Redensity Treatment and if it’s suitable for you? Book a consultation and we will see if the Redensity Treatment is suitable for your skin or offer you an alternative.

Pro tip: Refrain from consuming ibuprofen or any indigestible that thins your blood, as this can result in a few tiny bruises after treatment.