How Botox Works

Botox® and other injectable wrinkle reduction treatments for anti-aging results all work in the same way – they block nerve signals to the muscles: rendering the muscles temporarily relatively less mobile. The degree of mobility and duration of immobility is determined by how much product is injected (tiny amounts are generally used), and how strong the muscles are – most often determined by where in the face they are. Botox® is MOST effective on expression based lines – lines formed due to regular or continual muscle movements where the skin is pulled into a crease due to the movement of the muscle. Eventual deterioration of collagen fibres results in a ‘break’ in the skins elasticity and the crease becomes apparent without the expression. Reducing the nerve function stops the muscle from being able to form the expression – obviously without causing the face to become expressionless – therein lies the skill of the injector.

However Botox® can also be used by a skilled and experienced injector like Dianna and Kirsty to balance muscular positions to restore facial balance – like the strong downward pulling jowl muscles that can pull the sides of the mouth down – literally ‘turning that frown upside down’!

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The good news is that over time, it often happens that less product achieves the same result for relatively longer as the muscle ‘unlearns’ the movement, atrophies somewhat – surface damage is able to repair to a degree and the face adjusts to new movements. Our bodies are in a continual state of adjusting to new circumstances. Reducing facial muscle contractions is no exception. So, what else can we do to get the best result from our treatments?

Firstly, investigate exfoliation facials such as microdermabrasion or enzyme facials to refine upper skin layers.

Botox® treatments happen under the skin in the muscles. Other than the almost invisible injection site itself, there is no effect on the skin – effecting change on the texture and nature of the skin is another job. Exfoliation facials such as Microdermabrasion, Lactic Peels, Bromelain based enzyme treatments or deeper Jessner Peels will all have the effect of reducing build up of skin cells on the surface –brightening the appearance of surface skin and improving both suppleness and light reflection properties of the upper layers. These should be performed regularly – around every 4 – 8 weeks for optimum results.

Secondly, get some thickness into the middle layers.

Some treatments contribute to the middle layer thickness – in particular Lactic Acid based facials and Vitamin A infused facials, but the best way to improve the robustness of this important ‘padding’ in the skin is to use a high quality Vitamin A cream (one containing Retinyl Acetate optimally) at night 2 to 3 times per week. This will have the dual positive effect of continuing the refining of the upper layers while also buffering up mid layers – improving both brightening and glow. Alternatively, consider our Restylane Skin Booster treatment, which will boost hyaluronic acid in the skin much more profoundly and quickly than any product or facial.

Thirdly, add treatment facials that will firm the underlaying dermal layers.

Collagen boosting facials the actually significantly boost collagen production are actually quite rare. IPL and Radio Frequency are both excellent treatments, as is Dermal Needling. Select your therapist carefully, as these treatments do carry a slightly higher risk factor. None of these treatments however comes even close to the results seen from our PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) facial, where your own plasma generates a healing effect second to none! So, you see the injection to reduce muscle movement is just the beginning of your journey – a journey that will improve your confidence and well being more than you thought possible. Enjoy! And please do post any comments or questions – we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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