Put simply, Botox (R) and Dysport (R) are both Botulinum Toxin Type A proteins that cause temporary reduction of movement to facial muscles when injected correctly.

One is not cheaper than the other.  In fact these are two products that achieve the same end, and both are restricted medicines – but in all other ways they are different.

Dysport appears to take action slightly more rapidly in some patients, and more product is injected overall. The amount of product injected is measured in units. This is really important to understand, as Dysport is priced lower generally per unit than Botox, as much more product is needed!

Some injectors prefer Dysport and some prefer Botox – no issue there – as long as consumers are fully informed.

What some injectors do is take the relative price per unit and use it misleadingly in their marketing. This can cause considerable misunderstanding with consumers at large, so please be sure of your facts before you make a decision.

Ask what the price for the Botox or Dysport treatment will be for the area you wish to have treated – do not ask how much per unit will be charged.

Much more important than the price of the treatment, find out about the skill and experience of the injector. Injecting Botulinum Toxin Type A is not as simple as sticking the needle in. It requires careful consideration of the facial musculature. Exactly the right amount of product in exactly the right spot will get you just the right outcome. This takes careful consideration, and can not be done in a few minutes or on the fly.

Ask how much time has been allowed for the Botox or Dysport treatment and for the consultation.

Botox and Dysport are considered restricted medicines. This means they may only be administered by medical professionals who have had specific training. Not all doctors and nurses may inject Botox.

All nurses who inject Botox or Dysport may do so only under the guidance of a trained doctor. These are the rules of the NZ Medical Council – rules that are in place for the safety of the public. Dianna and Kirsty injects independently under the guidance of Dr Greg Taylor. Dr Taylor is required to oversee standards of even an extremely skilled nurse like Dianna and Kirsty.

You are within your rights to ask who the overseeing doctor is for any Injector and to see the qualifications of the person administering your treatment!

Falling under the restricted medicines act also means that Botox and Dysport may not be promoted in certain ways. Discount offers for example are not allowed – definitely steer well clear of anyone who offers a Grabone on Botox treatment, or a gift with purchase. These days even the ‘Bubbles and Botox’ events of the 1990s are no longer considered appropriate – influencing potential clients with alcohol and peer pressure is not an acceptable professional standard for a restricted medicine.

Our prices are standard prices – not promotional prices, and your consultation will be one to one – considering all safety factors and your reason for wanting treatment. We will administer treatment on the day of the consultation if all is as expected, but reserve judgement if we have any concerns about safety or relevance.

To us the single most important thing is a successful outcome for you. All else is secondary. It does happen that we have extremely competitive prices in Auckland and very high quality standards – but you be the judge of that!