Restylane was the first HA dermal filler launched to the Global market. Restylane has over 11 million successful treatments performed worldwide. It’s a very safe, tried and tested range of dermal fillers. In New Zealand the Restylane Range is marketed by Galderma. Restylane is probably most widely known for treating lips (the Restylane Lip) but the range includes:

Vitale – the ‘thinnest’ product most commonly used for fine lines or deep hydration of the skin.

Restylane – mostly used in Lip Augmentation, superficial lines and folds (such as around the nose or mouth)

Perlane – deeper lines and folds (if the lines around the mouth and nose are deeper, this product will give a better result).

SubQ – this product is injected deeply to volumise the face. It is used for more structural procedures like creating a stronger jawline, volumising and augmenting cheeks, shaping the face and lifting the face.


Restylane® is a natural cosmetic dermal fi ller that restores volume and fullness to the skin to smooth facial wrinkles and folds, enhance facial shape or to create fuller lips. Restylane® is available through prescription only from a medical professional, and is delivered by injection into or below the skin. It is not to be injected into blood vessels as this may lead to a lack of blood supply to the skin and ulceration and scarring. Restylane® contains hyaluronic acid, naturally found in the human body and is thought to help increase moisture in the skin. Treatment benefi ts are instant, do not affect facial expression and results usually last 6-12 months. Ongoing treatments are needed to maintain best results.. After a Restylane® treatment you may expect some degree of redness, swelling, pain or tenderness, itching and/or bruising which generally only lasts a few days. Inflammatory reactions may last up to two weeks in rare cases. Adverse effects from treatment are extremely rare and may include allergy, infection, granuloma formation, persistent discoloration at the injection site, and or ulceration of the skin.
Exposure to sunlight should be avoided during the initial post treatment phase. Restylane® should not be used in or near sites where there are active skin disease, infl ammation or infection, or where a permanent implant has been placed.Restylane® is not recommended for people taking blood thinning medicines or Roaccutane for acne, and has not been tested in pregnant or breast feeding women. Restylane® is an unfunded medicine, and there will be a charge for the medicine and consultation. Contains: Hyaluronic acid 20mg/ml phosphate buffered saline, pH 7 q.s. Q-Med ltd, Auckland. Distributed by healthcare logistics, Auckland.
TAPS Approval No: CH3699