My name is Julie. I’ve been working with Dianna for about 18 months – initially as a self professed needle-fearing Clinic owner, and now – having sold my Clinics last year, as a client – I’ll tell you about it from both sides in today’s ‘guest blog’.

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I contacted Dianna for an initial chat when I was looking to add Injectable treatments to my treatment menu toward the end of 2014. Clients were asking about the treatments, and we wanted to offer them. I have in the past had two other providers – both of whom disappointed, so I was understandably anxious.


Dianna presented me with a credible CV as a Registered Nurse specialising in Injectable Treatments with international training and extensive experience – all fantastic and relevant, but in fact it was the confidence and honesty she presents when she is speaking of her treatments that sold me. A genuine excitement comes across, so I decided to give it a go.


Things went well. It was clear that our clients were completely at ease with Dianna, and also clear that her approach was a little bit different to that of some other providers in our [Auckland] market. Her prices are definitely slimmer than other well known competitors, but actually the question of price was never much of a factor. The long and the short of it is that Dianna is skilled. Very skilled. You see, Dianna was in the job of training nurses to do the injectable treatments – which I guess teaches you a slightly different perspective. You may not be aware, but the turnover of Injectable Nurses in beauty clinics is very high. The nurses get bored. How anyone could bore of shaping faces and delivering women the confidence to re-approach the mirror [with the lights on] fully escapes me. Dianna has had years of delivering these treatments and still super excited at every result – that’s reason one to choose Dianna to deliver your treatments!


Reason One: Dianna has YEARS of delivering treatments and is still excited about every single one!

Well, on with the story. Dianna suggested that we get my team of Beauty Therapists together for a chat about Botox, Fillers and Platelet Rich Plasma. We decided I would be a model for treatment to show them how the treatment is delivered.


I needed that stress ball that I was given pre-treatment – I was scared. Did it hurt? Well, yes it did a little – but only for a second, and I am a patient with full on fear of needles. I was fine. It took longer to work out a plan on what was to be lifted and what was to be smoothed than it did to deliver the treatment itself (I am over 50, so there was plenty of scope for improvement!). We did Crows Feet and Frown Line (yes those do have medical names, but I’ll stay with the vernacular since we’re chatting in the first person. Seriously, it took no time at all.


Well – the results, WOW! The needle phobic Clinic Owner becomes a needle addict (warning – these treatments do actually become quite a habit as time goes by, but a good habit!). I could not believe what a difference the treatments made to how I felt.


That’s right – to how I felt. I could approach my makeup application with greater purpose. I wore eye makeup more often. My eyebrows were sitting up quite a bit higher, so I almost needed some colour in that space! It was fantastic – and not at all about the look.

Well, maybe it was a little about the look.

Mostly it was about how I felt about myself. Getting older is confidence shaking. Getting older and working with a large number of ‘younger’ people is kind of disturbing some days.


Reason Two: You will LOVE how you feel about these results!

Finally, now that you are warm to this treatment for the right reasons – the experience and skill of the provider, I will tell you the third reason why you absolutely should choose Dianna to look after your Injectable Appearance Enhancement Treatments: Dianna charges less and delivers more. While I would never suggest that a provider of such a service should be selected on price, I do suggest that if you happen upon a very skilled, motivated, honest service provider at a better price – you should jump on it!


Several treatments down the track, I proudly tell people of my decision to go with the needle. The only person I need to justify it to is myself, and if this blog helps convert other ‘older’ (I passionately hate that term) people – men and women alike – to convert to the ‘sharp side’, then I will be happy!


Reason Three: Dianna offers a superior service at a better price!

I encourage you to consider prices only in the context of experience, skill and passion when deciding where to go for your treatment. Don’t get pulled in to expensive pay every month programmes that are hard to get released from or try to force you to stay in – just don’t. If this is you, let Dianna know: she can help unhook you!


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